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Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapy Courses

We are one of the leading Institute provide Ayurveda training courses for new comers, Doctors, other professionals in the field of health care. Our curriculum for the Ayurveda Panchakarma Training courses are prepared for teaching the basics of Ayurveda, massages, therapies and also explains the use of herbs, use of different oils/powders, identification of different constitution of the body and treatments accordingly. Ayurveda Panchakarma Training courses are prepared by highly qualified and experienced professionals in the field of Traditional Ayurveda in India. We have enough theoretical classes and practical time to allow the participants to understand the Traditional Ayurveda therapies in Kerala.

NadiPariksha (Pulse Examination)

The technique of reading the pulse is known as NadiPariksha.Ayurveda is a science of meditation and medication, Nadi corresponds to pulse and Pariksha means Examination. Through this we get comprehension knowledge about once body condition. The pulsation of the blood through the body carries the vibrations produced in the cells of one’s body due to the action of the mind. These vibrations and cellular information are carried to different parts of the body. These get stored in the cell’s memory and result in the symptoms like headache, hypertension, hypo or hyperthyroidism and all other similar physiological symptoms. Through nadipariksha we read and translate this information and also identify the cause of the physiological effects and symptoms of the disease in patient. So, diagnosis through pulse helps us in understanding the resultant physiological effects generated by our actions and emotions.

Course Duration- 1 weeks/2 weeks/3 weeks


Course Durations- 3 weeks/5 weeks/7 weeks/10 weeks.
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